Solar Powered LED Christmas Lights

  • $ 29.99
  • Save $ 23.22

This is a perfect solution to decorate your house, back yard, garden, Christmas tree or living room. The lights are solar powered - that means that you can hang them virtually anywhere (you can even decorate a Christmas tree in a middle of the forest), and it doesn't add anything to your electricity bill.

The lights and collector is durable and can be used inside or outside.


  • It comes in a few different lengths. 1 meter (3.3 feet) contain approximately 10 lights.
  • There are two modes - steady and flashing.
  • Available in a few different color options - warm white, white, multi color.
  • No wiring needed! Fully solar powered.
  • Best choice for gardens, homes, wedding, Christmas trees, can be hung on the tree branches, bushes, fence, roof.


  • We suggest that you fully charge the lights before the first use (8 hours).
  • If the ground is too hard to set up a solar panel, try softening the ground with some water.
  • Point the solar panel to south for maximum efficiency.
  • Turn on the lights and set the mode before charging the solar panel, so it would light up at dusk.

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