Contour Gauge Duplicator Tool

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  • ✅ MULTIFUNCTIONALITY AND DURABILITY - The contour gauges is made of high-quality ABS material. The whole product is made of plastic, which allows accurate measurement of any non-standard object. The tool does not need a lock, when the contour is moved away from the surface, the shape will remain unchanged. The duplicator is stainless. Ideal for fitting tiles, laminate, carpet.
  • ✅ FEEL COMFORTABLE IN YOUR WORK - with the help of contour gauges we can measure irregular shapes of surfaces, edges, corners, the product adapts to any material, is used for working with wood, but also for duplicating the shape of floor strips and tiles in the bathroom. It is ideal for measuring oval elements. 
  • ✅ EASY TO USE - Press the gadget to the object you want to accurately measure, and then the object outline and scale in inches would be marking on it. It can be safely moved away from the object because it will not change its shape, it easily and comfortably adapts to any surface.